It's kind of a big deal.
Is Gigasheet secure?

Trick question! If you're reading this you probably know that nothing is ever 100% secure! That isn't to say that we don't take security and data privacy seriously. With over 25 years of combined experience in the cyber security industry our team has the knowledge and skills to ensure our application meets or exceeds the highest level of standards. 

We've taken the following measures to ensure our systems, users and company are secure:

  • Encryption: Traffic is encrypted internally and externally (SHA-256)

  • Multi-factor Authentication: 2-step authentication for user logins

  • Bot Detection: assesses the risk profile of users and automatically block suspected bot traffic by requiring a CAPTCHA during the login process

  • Suspicious IP Throttling: suspicious logins targeting too many accounts from a single IP address will be restricted

  • Brute-force Protection: limits login attempts separately for each source IP address to limit the potential for attackers to lock legitimate users out of their account

  • Breached Password Detection: automatically blocks accounts that try to log in using compromised credentials

We are adding additional security layers to Gigasheet on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for more information.